A Plus Emergency Credit Repair has helped clients solve various credit-related situations. Our exceptional team and their professional experience will make sure you’re financially back on track in no time.

Our mission has been to solve credit problems for our clients. Every day, A Plus Emergency Credit Repair is making lives easier by managing the unique credit issues of each situation. We are a compliant and professional company, and we’re ready to tackle your problems right away.


However complicated or messy your issue is, you can rest assured we’ll find a solution. Our diligent and well-connected team will do what it takes and reach out to the necessary people in order to sort out your issues.



At A Plus Emergency Credit Repair, we go above and beyond to provide you with a thorough analysis of your credit report. We take clear steps to improve your scores and also offer guidance on how to rebuild your credit.


Know that you are in expert hands when it comes to this service. Our experience helping clients regain their financial footing mean we understand exactly how the credit system works. Speak to one of our agents to find out more.


You can relax knowing the dedicated team at A Plus Emergency Credit Repair is working for a better financial future for you. We have the skills and expertise to make sure no options are overlooked. Sign up to get started.




A Plus Credit Restoration


With A Plus Credit Restoration, you can be rest assured your road to credit restoration is in the right hands. Unlike other companies in the industry, we guarantee that if we do not get you to a qualifying score within 120 days, then our services are free, Our process is tried and true starting with a one-on-one phone consultation to determine exactly what factors you want to be removed and the number of associated accounts.


How’s Does It Work?


  1. Analyze: We work with you to identify any questionable negative items hurting your score.

  2. Address: We challenge those negative items with the bureaus and your creditors.

  3. Accelerate: We keep the process going, helping you reach your credit goals.

Our technique ensures the quickest turnaround time across the industry, and while other companies take anywhere from 6 to 12 months on average, we take 1 to 4 months on average. - and that’s our A Plus promise.

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A+ Credit Repair was quick and efficient in restoring my credit. If you want professional and fast results, I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

Marshall M.

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