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Real Estate Investors, Flippers

Stop Losing Deals Because Of Lack of funds! Get The Strategy Funding Needed To Build Your Empire.

We help fund over $60,000,000 per year to businesses like yours!

  No Collateral Needed.

  Get Funded in Under 72 Hours

  No Application Fees, No Advance Fees.

  No Hard Credit Pulls

Minimum Requirements (Will Vary): $35,000 Annual Income, Active Business Bank Account, 6+ Months in Business, 680 or Better Credit Score. Start-ups welcomed & Non-Profits!


 Our REI Funding Programs

We have several different loan options to fit your real estate funding needs... 

⌷  Construction Loans

⌷  Hard Money Loans

  Private Money Loans

  Commercial RE loans

⌷  Fix & Flip

⌷  Rental Refinance

  Free & Clear Refinance

  REI Lines Of Credit

Why Choose Us?

Industry Leading Customer Service

Our experienced team of professionals will work with you to provide a smooth, efficient process. You'll receive a quote for real estate investment funding within 24 hours with all the instructions needed to get your funding closed fast!

Competitively Priced

Programs designed to provide investors with straightforward rates & terms with absolutely no hidden costs or junk fees. There's absolutely no upfront fees and

no surprises.

Meeting All Your Investment Needs

No matter the investment, we can help you find financing. We handle all types of real estate funding projects. We are not limited just to REI funding, we can also provide investment capital for any qualified business.

Competitively Priced

Our online application process and client portal make document tracking easier, guiding you through every step of the process.

Why Are We The Best Option For Funding Project?

Getting your A Plus Emergency renovation funding is actually quite easy for us. We are very experienced at what we do. The banking relationships that we have built over several years gives us the advantage of knowing which banks are funding real estate projects now. In addition, we are also the first to know when programs become outdated and obsolete.


When you use our services, you automatically bypass the constant denials and unnecessary inquiries that can keep you from getting approved. Why re-invent the wheel when you can get a decision within a few hours without affecting your credit rating.


Even better, our large database of financial institutions allows us to help you maximize your real estate investment funding amount. Remember, before you accept a low ball REI funding quote, apply with us first; You won't incur a hard pull on your credit.

Industry Leading Customer Service

It does not matter what your strategy in Real Estate is, you will need investment funding to succeed. Whether you are using the A Plus Emergency Credit Repair to buy and hold, fix and flip or wholesaling contracts, there are expenses that come along with real estate investing.

Unfortunately, many real estate marketers will have you believe that you can invest in Real Estate without spending any money. This may happen every now and then to a lucky few, but for the majority of us, that is highly improbable without real estate investment funding.

Besides advertising, you will also need operating cost for gas, earnest monies, appraisal fees and inspections. Before you know it, You will deplete your personals which will eventually limit how many deals you can take on, if you're even still in business. Before that happens, why not get some real estate investment capital to work for you.

What Does BRRR Stand For?

For those who are not familiar with the abbreviation, BRRR stands for Buy + Rehab + Rent + Refinance + Repeat. The key is to the A+ method is to buy distressed properties at a discount, rehab the property and rent it. A few months later, refinance the property to pull out some cash to re-invest (repeat). This is a very powerful real estate strategy!

When the BRRR Strategy is performed to precision, it can create a snowball of residual income that creates wealth. The funding we provide can assist you in accelerating and multiplying this process. Would you like your investment growth to move at the speed of business? Then get started today by starting the process to Fund your real estate business with unsecured funding.

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